About Us

L Driving provides personalised driving lessons in Sydney and nearby places. Our qualified driving instructors from around Sydney aims to teach safe operation of both manual and automatic cars. They also look forward to honing driving skills to ensure safe driving on the road with confidence.


We are confident in the expertise of our instructors and their ability to teach you and prepare you for your test. We offer a First Go Guarantee. In the case that you don’t pass your test, we will give you a free driving lesson before your next attempt.

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Are you preparing for your Ps? Take a shortcut to your licence while becoming a safer driver for life. Research shows that newly P-platers are up to 9 times more likely to be involved in a casualty crash comparing to L-platers.

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Keys2Drive is a free 60 minute driving lesson with a professional fully qualified driving instructor and parent/supervisor. During the lesson, an L-Plate driver is learning road safety. The instructor will not just help to improve practical driving skills, but also will explain the better learning approach, helping to gain confidence and get ready for P Plate driving test.

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Unsurpassed quality training/coaching at the best price. Various lesson and drive test packages are available to choose from. We build an excellent rapport with our learner drivers resulting in 100% satisfied customers.

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