Our Instructors



Hi, my name is Sam. I have been working as a driving instructor for over 10 years. I love teaching students safe way to drive and I’m always keen to make the lesson as enjoyable and stress-free that’s how it should be . I will teach you everything you need to know, not only aiming to pass in the first go, but also the safety driving rules in your entire driving life.



I am Seyar. I have been a driving instructor for the past six years. I am a patient and calm natured driving instructor. I treat my students more as friends. Throughout my career as a driving instructor I have catered to all age students from suburbs around Sydney.



Hi, my name is Naaz. I am an experienced driving instructor. I love the challenges, rewards, and variety that being a driving instructor brings. I enjoy working with people and supporting them as they develop their skills and confidence. As your driving instructor, I focus on not just teaching you how to drive, but even more […]



I’m Tawab and I come from public transport background, with a passion for customer service. I took the opportunity to become a driving instructor after 15 years driving public transport in NSW . I have spent a lot of time on the roads and understand how important it is to have a quality driver trainer. […]



Hello I’m bahareh Ashjari one of the female Driving instructor at L Driver Training school.I have more than 17 years of driving experience, I am friendly, calm and very patient and I believe in a comfortable learning environment.I enjoy working with people from all around the world and I tailor lessons to my student’s individual needs. I am determined […]



Hi, am Aidan, the right driving instructor for you. I have 6 years experience as a driving instructor, worked and trained with NRMA Driving school for 3 years.I believe the main purpose of being a Driving Instructor is to train one to become a safe and responsible driver, no matter your age or gender, giving […]